Getting Ready To Move


Once you decide to move it is time to get organized. It helps you to stay on top of what needs to be done and can save you money as well. Based on my personal moving experience across the US and around the world I had to be pretty organized to get this done in a timely manner and not to make costly mistakes.

First I would get 2-3 quotes from reputable movers. With the Internet today it is a lot easier to find a good company than when we moved many years ago. I have heard horror storied over the years from clients and hope that you have a successful move verifying movers with the Better Business Bureau, ask neighbors and friends as well if you know anyone that has moved recently.


Once you contact a moving company, they should send out an Estimator. If they don’t how can they estimate the cost of your move, how many boxes are needed and how large a van the need to move your household? I heard clients that moved with someone without this and it was a nightmare for them. I encourage you to have an estimator look at what you want to have moved. If you can walk through your house and get rid of what you plan to donate so it does not get estimated into the move. Once the estimator has seen everything you plan to pack and move they can estimate the cost, size of van, time involved etc. I also recommend that you purchase replacement cost insurance in case there is damage during the move. Years ago I met someone whose van caught on fire and everything on it got destroyed. That does not leave you with much unless you have replacement cost insurance.


Once you select the company they put you on the books for your move and you can start planning. If you started early enough you can hold a garage or yard sale to get rid of things you and your family have outgrown, don’t use.


Go through your house if you have not done that before the moving estimator was scheduled and take a look closet by closet what no one has worn or outgrown and take it out. Do the same with toys, books, anything you come across room by room what is no longer practical to safe and move. I normally did this before the estimator stopped in so he had a more realistic estimate of the amount of boxed and time it would take to pack and load.


Once you have collected all items that can be donated or sold in a yard or garage sale you make a list and prepare for that event. I donated everything that did not sell for a tax deduction because a move can get costly There is no pint to move what you can no longer use.


I have met client that sold pretty much everything except for family heirlooms and things dear to them and once they got here they purchased everything new. They said it was cheaper. Besides their things did not fit into their new home. Something to consider at the cost of a move.


Make a ‘To Do List’

  • Adress Changes: Cancel Paper, Magazines, Post Office, Doctor, Utilities,

  • Date when to take Utilities & Cable out of your name

  • Return of Cable Box if any

  • Pick up Family Medical Records

  • Notify School and get records transferred

  • Close Bank Account or if you opened a new one at your new destination have money transferred

  • If you have a closing for your sold house mark your schedule for closing

  • Close Safe-deposit back and remove items

  • If children are involved: cancel their activities

  • Anything else important to you



Plan the Packers and Movers

If you have the moving company pack your household they send packers 1-2 days ahead of loading.

Before they are schedule to arrive I used to take the largest closet, walk-in closet in the master and taped a large sheet on the door


Here I hung the close we needed for the drive to our new destination and until the van arrived. Put suit cases and bags we needed. Children’s favorite toys, blanket and keys to everything on a box marked KEYS. Further tools we needed. Snacks and drinks.


Planned to empty freezer and fridge using up the food. Clean the fridge before packers for there.  It needed to be dry to not have mold grow during the move

Planned how we would eat and where we would stay of not in the house.


Once the packers arrived we were both at the house to oversee the packing so we knew how the boxes were market with what they packed so we could find the things again at our new home. It can be a disaster trying to find everything depending how many rooms you pack and how many boxes there were. Trust me it gets confusing. They are not delivering and unloading. The driver arrives with a different team.

When the driver takes inventory pay attention. He put stickers on everything and marks furniture damaged and it is not you don’t want it to be written down wrong on the inventory. Ask him to show you.

Again, do not forget to buy replacement cost insurance when this inventory if finished. When the loading begins it is best to stay out of the way. I used that time to clean the house as rooms got empty. Some sellers prefer to hire a cleaning crew or person but there is not always time for that.

This may come as a surprise to many people but not always does the moving can leave from your house to your new house. Sometimes it gets reloaded into a larger can and goes elsewhere. So the way things got loaded is not how they get unloaded creating a mess for sure.

At your new destination make sure you tell the people that unload where you want the boxes and furniture or it won’t be where you want it. That would make things a little easier on you to get set up.


I hope this helped a little to get your move organized. When I got to the new home always had the children’s rooms set up first so they felt at home first and found their room put together. Then followed kitchen and all bath before our bedroom got functional. You have to eat and you need to get cleaned up J


I for one did not like it when people commented “Children adjust”. Never underestimate that. Everything is new and to be the “new kid” is not easy and fun in most cases. Maybe boys have an easier time. I found that many girls are jealous. It is not easy to start a new job with everything new around you either. For children to adjust to a new school, students, teacher, finding new friends, handle rejection is not easy, especially today. It was more important to me to get our children settled into activities they enjoyed than getting the house all set up, to function yes, but some things could wait.  Every region and state are different of course and some people have adjusted quicker than others. In the end moving and adjusting takes time and help, a lot of help. I have heard said that say moving is worse than losing a loved one. It takes time to get over the loss of your friends, comfort and adjust to new surroundings. Good luck with your move.

Rosemarie Averhoff, Realtor, Broker Associate

CRS Certified Residential Specialist