You have made an offer and your REALTOR has negotiated the contract for you. Congratulations you purchased your home.

Next come inspections and you have a limited time frame in whcih you can do these to let the seller know in writing in SC that you request certain things to be repaired or replaced. It is importnat that you select a Home Inspector that you trust will inspect your home for any "flaws" or code violations and more. You want to be sure that you are not going to end up with many repairs in the near future.

Different states have different requirements. In SC I recommend that you do a CL !00 Letter, a Termite Inspection to be sure that there is no current infestation. The seller would be responnsible to remedy that or negotiate what he is willign to do. The same goes for a Heat & Air Insepction HVAC.

Per SC contract the seller is not required to do as you ask him to. He can say no or agree to do some things. At the same time you, the purchaser does not have to continue with the sale and you can get out of the contract.

Further we have MOLD Inspections that can be beneficial for you to do as we are in a humid area and not all homes are properly ventilated under the house or othewise. Even new homes can have MOLD. I recommend highly a Home Inspection for all Hoem Purchases including new homes.

Feel free to contact me with your questions.

Rosemarie Averhoff, CRS

Broker Associate, REALTOR

Accredited Buyer Representative ABR