I used to think "no sugar added" meant there was no sugar added to the food I wanted to purchase until I read in The Washington Post on August 20, 2015, what that really meant. From now on I will take a picture of the ingredients of a product I am interested until I have checked out what all the ingredients are or better yet I will only buy what I can pronounce and know what it is.

No Sugar Added can have ingredients that are sugar labeled such as acesulfame-K which The Center for Science In The Public Interest recommends avoiding due to safety concerns. Look it up for yourself and you may not Want to eat food containing acesulfame-K. Another sweetener is called erythritol, sugar alcohol. If you eat too much of thus you may feel nauseous. 

I am very upset that I and other consumers are mislead into thinking ey are buying something that has no sugar but it is worse what is added can cause you to get vey sick. It is worse an sugar in my opinion that is why I am writing this Blog to make you aware of this misleading labeling which the FDA approves and knows it is harmful. I started to educate myself better about foods and started to read labels it takes a long time to shop but ell worth it. I don't want to make my family or myself sick. Please check this out for your health.