You Can Only Make a Good First Impression Once

During Summer month and really any time your home is on the market for sale you need to be prepared for a quick showing appointment I tell my sellers. Ideally you like a little notice but that does not always happen. Out of town clients have limited time and want to see as much as possible before they make a decision what to purchase and it is difficult to schedule several showings in a row and know exactly when you will be at which house so timing can be off sometimes.

Here is what I suggest to have your home ready for showings:

  • Make your beds neatly after you get up in the morning. If needed put on fresh sheets. Tuck under sheets and give it that "hotel room is ready for guests look"
  • Put away and hang up all clothes
  • Clean the Bathrooms. Mirrows have to sparkle. I like to use Glass Plus for a no streak look myself. Vanities need to be clean and tidy and very little should be seen that is personal. Plumbing and light fixture should sparkle too.
  • Dry Shower
  • Hang up towels neatly
  • If you have not already given your closets a thorough organization thin it out, pack things up up that you do not use right now or have out grown, maybe doanlte them or have a garage sale.
  • Run the vaccum through the house so carpets look clean. If they nee dto be cleaned have them cleaned before you put your house on the market
  • Mop the floors if needed before showings
  • Kitchen should be cleaned up, all dishes in the dishwasher and not in the sink.
  • Sink needs to be clean
  • Stove and Oven need to be clean. Smoth top needs to sparkle.
  • No Fingerprints on Fridge, dishwasher and stove, oven.
  • Put some fresh flowers on the table or a flowering plant
  • Glass doors to screen porch, patio and front door need to be clean and see through, no dust or hand prints.
  • No Laundry standing or lying around. Laundry Room should be tidy as well.
  • Living room, Dining Room and Family should be picked up and dust free
  • Open all blinds (dust free) and turn on all lights (make sure there are no burned out light bulbs in any light fixtures and ceiling fans.
  • Plant some fresh flowers in a pot by the front door
  • Grass should be cut and bushes trimmed. In SC many people use Pine Straw or mulch in the beds to keep the weeds from coming through. If it needs to be refreshed add a little on top. Relpace bare lawn spots with sod for a good curb appeal.
  • Anything that needs to be repaired should be repaired or replaced before you put your house for sale on the market.

For showings sellers should be a "no show". Please leave the house so the agent can show your home more freely. Buyers like to ask questions and like to look and see what space there is. They may open cabinet doors and closet doors and that is why they should be tidy.

If you put things away as you don't need them you never have a lot of straightening out to do befor showings. Once you get in the habit to get up and get your house ready for a potential showing it is easier for you to be prepared for short notices. It is hot during the summer months and buyer may want to start early before the heat of the day. They may also come later in the afternoon for that reason. If you have children at home from school it may seema little more difficult but explain to them why it is important that they help getting their rooms ready for a possible showing. Urge them to plut things away before they "destroy" the room or house and select only a few things at one time to play with.

Remember that Builders hire professional decorators for their model homes. It helps them sell their homes. You are competing with new homes in most cases.