Thinking of Selling your Home?

Many sellers think spring is a good time to sell a home.  Spring arrives fairly early in SC compared to some northern states that may actually still have snow. Keep in mind that not every spring market is the same. Not every Real Estate Market is the same. Different areas have a different spring selling time. In South Carolina everything is in full bloom and greening rapidly (starts in general sometimes in February but this year it was colder). It gets hot in May and hotter in June/July. Once schools lets out many parent go on vacation immediately. School lets out 1st week in June so the market slows a little middle of May when school winds down. Middle of August everyone gets ready for back to school and getting everyone settled into school and before you know if we have Labor Day and in general it will be middle to end of September before buyers look more actively. There are always buyers looking in our area but not as many. We still don't have a market like before 2008 and we probably won't see that again any time soon if at all. It was said that homes will sell (in 2013, then 2014 and now 2015 we hope that will be so) and less available homes will increase prices but I have not seen that in Columbia yet.

We still have a buyer's market. It has been my experience if a house was prepared to list and sell some of those sellers see double and triple offers. Buyers like a home that is ready to move into, updated and look like new. So keep that in mind if you are thinking of selling this spring and summer. New homes have sold all along and still do. A sign buyers like a home that is ready to occupy. They also like open floor plans. Homes that need work so to speak, whether it is removing old wallpaper, fresh paint or repairs, buyers make a list and deduct off your price. Be prepared if you are not willing to update that it may cost you in the end if you are serious about selling.

We still see Foreclosures. Buyers still look for good deals. Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not if you consider the amount of money and time it will take to make a home that requires a lot of work, repairs and updating. You also never know what you find once you start "undoing". Appraisals don't always meet the sales price. CASH Buyers: get an appraisal to get reassurance the house you are buying meets the sales price.

Curb Appeal: Step outside your house and walk around and take a look. Ask yourself if you would buy your house again today as it is. If you need sod, trim bushes, plant something, removed dead bushes, make it look inviting. Then do the same thing on the inside. Sometimes a seller sees his.her house with a higher value and emotions are involved than what the market says. Buyers are the market. They pay the price they think a house is worth to them. It does not matter what you paid for it, what you have done to it. Buyers know the market and compare. Everything is very accessible today. Be realistic and you will get your home sold.

Our market is good, better than last year. Almost all of our listings SOLD by now. Interest rates are low and buyers are looking to buy. Rent is high and not tax deductible. Besides that you have no privacy for the most part. Neighbors to the right, left, above or below you. The feeling of owning your own home is still a good one. We welcome your business. Please contact Rosemarie with your real estate concerns and questions. Thank you

Rosemarie Averhoff, CRS

803-629-8844 or email me