What to do when you are ready to sell your home.


Our market here in the Columbia Area has improved as far as selling your home, but there is always a but. Home buyers are looking for a "deal" or they want a home that is ready to move into. All along while our market struggled NEW Homes have been selling.


I suggest that you call the REALTOR of your choice and ask if your house is ready to show and sell. It may need the following:


  1. Curb Appeal


Trim all the bushes around house and yard. That includes overgrown trees or      contact a landscaper to do it for you. In general that costs less than you think. Have the grass trimmed and edged, add some mulch or pine straw, empty spots may need sod. Most home owners forget that certain grass needs conditions that over time are changing, trees make shade and centipede grass needs a lot of sun so if goes away. You need to think replacing this with other grass sods like St. Augustine or Zoysia for example.


  1.  De-clutter your home


Less is more it is said. If you need to have a garage sale or get a storage unit so your house looks more spacious and not so crowded. Remove some of your too personal things including family photos. Clear off the fridge, counter, bath room vanities.


  1. Fresh Paint


Sometimes a code of fresh paint will make all the difference. Give a bathroom a fresh new look or any other room that is too dark or had dated wallpaper. Remember the buyer likes to do as little as possible if you like top price. It helps you sell your home faster. Have the carpets cleaned. Light bulbs need to be working and dust free. For showings turn on all lights and open the blinds or curtains to allow lots of natural light.


  1. Gold is OUT


If you still have the 90’s gold fixtures please change them out into something neutral and updated. It will be worth it. It gives a home a fresh and clean look. You may even like your house better and enjoy it while showing and selling. A white ceiling fan in the bedrooms with a light is very acceptable and embraced. Living in the South most people use that to stay cool. Give your bathrooms some new lights and faucets too. Take out the huge mirrors over the vanities and buy some framed ones instead for a more customized look. Your investment will be worth it if you make the home more sellable and move-in condition.


  1. The Little Things That Matter


Take a look at your home from the curb and walk around it and take a look what needs to be fixed. You may need power washing if you have mold and mildew on Vinyl. Even Brick can get stained from rain. Your exterior may need painting. If your front door can make a statement maybe paint it a fresh new color. Check your gutter and have them cleaned if necessary. Add a planter or 2 by the front door with bright colored flowers and plant some in a bed if there is one. Make your house sparkle inside and out. The better your home looks inside and out the quicker it sells for a better price.


Remember, First Impressions COUNT and you can only make a 1st impression once. Every Buyer matters.


Feel free to contact me with your questions and I gladly assist you with tips and staging too.