What Sellers Should Pay Attention To

Want to sell your home? Hire a REALTOR that will prepare you a Comprehensive Market Analysis CMA and goes over it with you. It is based on 6-12 months of recent sales with the most comparable sold homes.

If you talk to more than one REALTOR or agent, don’t list with one that says you can get more for your house than in reality you can per CMA.

What happens is that your home will be longer in the market and sell in the end for less, has been my experience.

Price it Right. Set a price realisting price based on the CMA. Don’t set it higher to see if you can get more. In general it does not happen. I see it again and again. Some sellers will go with an agent that promises them more than the market tell you that you can get. In the end you loose.Todays Buyers are educated and know the market they want to live in and looking in to buy.

Prepare for Showings. Unless you are ready to show do not list your home and still work on getting it show ready. Prepare for showings by organizing closets, donating or selling items you no longer need and use. Every buyer counts and you can only make FIRST IMPRESSIONS once.

Important! Please be flexible with showings. Some sellers set restrictions on showing times and other things. You may not get a 2nd chance at that buyer, every buyer counts! The sooner you can show the sooner you can sell.

Think about where you will live if you have to vacate your home for a buyer who wants quick occupancy! It happens more than you think! Think about your bottom line and what you may be willing to accept to sell. Your agent should prepare an Estiamted Net when you get an offer so you know how to counter if needed.

Lowering your price is not always the best option. It is best to price it right from the start! But if you should reduce it when you have no showings or no offer it is a good idea to reduce the price to sell your home. Some buyers are shy to make a lower offer while others are not. You do not want to loose a buyer. Our market is still slow with existing home sales. New homes have sold well all along.

If you get showing and no offers it is best to reduce the price. Consider what is for sale along with your home, your  competition. You do not want to sell their home. You want to sell your home so pricing it right is very important. If you need to make a price adjustment and reduce the price to make it more competitive reduce the price. The longer a home is for sale the less you get in the end is a good analysis.

Our Columnbia SC market is still a buyer’s market and new homes are selling, Many incentives are given to buyers that existing home sellers cannot compete with. Something to consider as well.

Interest rates are supposed to go up gradually a little more and that may make bying a little more difficult and raise the mortgage payment. Higher rates means less home to buy. Interest is tax deductible and rent is not. It is still beneficial to purchase a home.


Rosemarie Averhoff, CRS

REMAX Metro Associates