Here Are Some Reason Why Buyers Buy a House

It has been my experience that most buyers like to have a home of their own because it makes them feel save. They want to own a house. They like to raise their children in a home of their own, have pets, be in the best schools to give them a good education and a good future. A house with a fenced yard is the dream of many of my buyers. Over the years they added amenities to that list such as pools, play areas, green areas  and side walks. A home of their own gives byers the freedom to decorate the home the way they like it.

Sometimes they buy their "forever" home they always dreamed about, sometimes their first home and sometimes their retirement home when couples downsize. Whatever their reason to buy a house that they make it home and the community they pick it makes them feel safe. Often the best schools play an important role even if they have no children. Convenience to work and shopping, entertainment are often important as well as the style of the house.

Some buyers want country style living. They desire space, peace and quiet, less traffic. They dream of having chickens and a garden. Some look to live near Lake Murray for fishing and recreation. Whatever their dream owning a home makes people feel safe.

When you own a home that means building wealth to many buyers. When paying on a mortgage one builds equity they can borrow against.  They dream of many of to get their home paid off down the road.  For many buyers owning a home is having an investment. Sometimes the home gets passed on to family members. For some buyers having a tax break by deducting the interest of the mortgage and property taxes is a plus. (When you pay rent you pay someone else's mortgage)

Since 1993 I have sold well over 100's of homes from starter homes to upscale homes, retirement to special needs homes throughout Columbia and Lake Murray communities helping buyers find the right home and community. A wealth of knowledge, experience , hard work and commitment have helped me serve many buyers well. I look forward to assist you with all your real estate needs now or on the future.